What is Eurosinkut?

Eurosinkut (engl. EuroSingles) is an open unregistered society. It acts as a channel for singles to participate + organise events and  to network with other singles and find friends.

Eurosinkut began in 1997.

In our society,  2/3 members are women and 1/3 are men, and the average age is 45 or a bit more. The age range is from 18 to 70.

All singles that are interested in variety of activities are welcome.

Our goal is to produce interesting events and have fun. During the past 20 years Eurosinkut has had thousands of events and almost every day something is organised.

Everyone can organise an event in his/her area of interest and then invite other people to join via our event calendar, post list and social media. Our website is a platform for singles to organise events.

We have all sorts of events from movies, hiking, alpine skiing, cycling, rollerskating, sailing, dancing, horse riding, travelling to big events with hundreds of people. We also organise speeddates.

We are as active as our members are. They are the ones that arrange the events.

We do not  have any membershisp fee and most of the events are free of charge or at cost price. We are nonprofit society.

Our abbreviation is *es  (Euro Singles / Euro Sinkut)

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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