Tapahtuman ajankohta: 25.06. - 27.06.2010
Sijainti: Pohjankuru
Lisätty: 06.06.2010 klo 10:45 (päivitetty 14.06.2010 klo 17:54)
Ikäraja: Ei ikärajaa

Invitation to Hustle-Wonka-Midsummer 2010

Invitation to Hustle-Vonka-Midsummer 2010 (Wipinä-Wonka-Juhannus 2010) on the 25th to 27st June, 2010

This year you are invited to celebrate the *es Midsummer in the Sports Institute Kisakeskus in Kullaanniemi 220 in Pohjankuru. More information on the place at http://www.kisakeskus.fi/index.php.

For three days and two “nightless nights” (“yötön yö” days during which the sun does not set at all) you can participate in 100 % partying, compete in many different sports and races, try out new ones and/or improve your technique, for instance, of the Nordic Walking. You will see what Lawn Hustle or Lawn Seduction in Finland looks like and you will find out what is Hustle Flow and Ultimate. Alternatively, you can just relax with the fellow Hustle-Vonka participants. This year the excellent facilities of Kisakeskus provide addition to the daytime activities. Because of the facilities, there will be a wide range of activities irrespective of the weather.

The activities are expected to climax during the nights spent with the exquisite, exhausted and relaxed company of the *es Ellis (female) and *es Sällis (male).

As a non-Finnish speaker you should know, that all of the programs will be executed in Finnish. Since most Finns speak fairly good English, you just need to use your social skills to join in. The daily programs, incoming information as well as this invitation have been translated into English. Do not hesitate to come. We would really like to see you there.

Fill in the following registration/enrolment form.


You will receive payment instructions by return mail within 2-3 days. Please note: you are entitled to participate only, when your remittance is shown on the *es-account.

Accomodation in your own tent, caravan or mobile home 95,00 €
Accomodation on a bed in shared rooms of same sexes 124,00 €
Accomodation: floor board in designated buildings 107,00 €
Bus trip Helsinki – Kisakeskus – Helsinki 15,00 €
Bus trip Karjaa – Kisakeskus - Karjaa 5,00 €
Downhill race car drive with transportation to and from Kisakeskus 21,30 €
Field trip to Fiskars Iron Works with bus transportation + guided tour at site 9,00 €
Electricity for caravans 9,44 €

Registration and Enrolment fee includes accommodation/place for your tent/caravan/mobile home, full board (5 meals organized by Amica and 2 by *es, evening party with a live band, Disco by DJ with *es hit music and activities organized by Kisakeskus and *es. If you enrolled early and got bed accommodation your price will also include linen (towel, quilt, sheets and pillow). Late participants will have to bring in their own camping mattress and sleeping bag and will sleep on the floor. As a principal rule we fill the rooms with the same sex participants and according to receipt of the registration/enrolment fee. The payment instructions are sent to you within 2-3 days after receiving your registration/enrolment form. Note! There are no discounts for partial i.e only one or two days participation.

Terms of cancellation: by e-mail to the address juhannus2010@eurosinkut.net by the 14th of June the latest. Thereafter cancellation is non-refundable.

Still questions contact: juhannus2010@eurosinkut.net.

On offer:

Relaxed and easygoing *es dating/sprawling!.
No quarrelling and no broken glass. Just free feromone/hormonal interaction!
Over 200 *es Ellis and *es Sällis, who provide hustle and scramble!
Party site, the beautiful scenery of the Kisakeskus Sporting Institute and tranquillity!
For you - some exquisite company!
2 tent sites
1 lake + diving tower (take your inflatable beach equipment and accessories)
1 lakeside sauna where there are separate saunas for both sexes and a joint fireplace. At late night there will be a mixed sauna for both sexes.
There will be grilling of sausages and making of pancakes on the terrace of the lake side sauna late in the evening/early night.
In the main building/Building with sporting facilities there will be separate saunas for both men and women. At the Accomodation Dinosaur/Head masters house there is also a sauna.
Katettu kota/Lappish shed with an open fire place
Open fire places with a view to the lake
1 baby Elli/Sälli point
Festive Opening Gala
Toast to make you feel welcome!
1 big party arena with plenty of oxygen and which does not feel crowded.
Kutudisco/Dating/Spawning disco with a cheek to cheek atmosphere
On Friday the party band Halibut will make participants dance
In the 24/7 hit disco with the DJ some furious raving
Since in Finland some singing where everybody joins in.
All facilities, services and equipment of the Sporting Institute are at our disposal
Exercise sessions instructed by a professional instructor of the Sporting Institute (10 hours, during two days)
Line dancing
Dating on an open air dance floor
On an extra charge a guided tour to Fiskars iron works area http://www.firskarsvillage.fi/fi/
On an extra charge a possibility for playing golf http://www.ruukkigolf.fi/
On an extra charge a possibility to drive a by force of gravity driven, disk brake Downhill Race Car http://www.paminne.com/?kat=32
Gym at your disposal
Finnish summer bowling-Mölkky, petanque, cottage darts, crocket, beach-volley, badminton, tennis, volley ball, dodge ball, water polo, football, frisbee-golf
Exercise on lawn, wall climbing, stretching and relaxation exercise, archery, Nordic walking (correct technique training) + final exercise, ultimate
Plus any games and competitions the participants will come up with?
1 Open air dance floor Tanhuhovi in Lohja http://www.kolumbus.fi/tanhuhovi/sivur/explorer/m2_palvelut.htm
Featuring on Midsummer Nights Eve Sinitaivas Teuvo Oinas & Kiintotähti, no joint *es transportation to dance place
Surprise program is on the way!

Lisätietoja: juhannus2010@eurosinkut.net


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